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I've gone online!


All my classes are now all hosted on Zoom. You don't need to download anything - on booking you will be sent a link to the class that you just need to click on when it comes to class time :)

All classes are live and you can have your video on or off - whatever makes you most comfortable. 

What's on offer?


Lunchtime Yoga

Sweet full body spectrum flow to get you moving if  you’re feeling stagnant working from home  - an accessible, bit of everything style class. Gonna start to bring a focus as of next week - will post on social media what the focus is.. stay tuned.


Yin Yoga

Passive long hold poses, melding time, gravity and stillness to marinade poses in your body and mind. Deeply restorative.


Yoga for Climbers for The Climbing Academy! 

Brand new class I'm doing with and to the support the TCA in this time, book via their website


Vinyasa Flow

This class is mixed level with options and variations for you to stop at or go deeper depending on your ability. It contains some advanced poses. It will be more specifically focused on an area of enquiry. In May the focus is BREATH. I will be using Donna Farhi's The Breathing Book to inspire class sequencing and there will be lots of focus on pranayama but also the lungs, chest, back etc. I think breath work can be so powerful and something that can serve you outside of yoga too so excited for this!

Yin to Slow Flow

Half passive, long hold yin and then moving into slow flowing movements – wake up yoga.  

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