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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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About me

I teach vinyasa flow with an emphasis on curiosity, fun and encouraging a deeper connection to self through mindfulness and meditation.

I also work in the arts as a programmer, producer and organiser – supporting artists to develop their practice and new ideas. I love to explore the intersection between yoga practice and live event, and craft experiential workshops and events that celebrate the live present moment as well as allowing participants to go deeper into their practice.

I have experienced some of the most profound shifts and revelations of my life on the mat and my goal as a teacher is to hold that same space for transformation, power and joy for folks that attend my classes. I believe that yoga is a holistic technology for landing us deeply in the core of ourselves - allowing us to access the strength of our body-wisdom, to find spaciousness and freedom through breath, and to encounter and dismantle the boundaries we might have set up for ourselves – be those physical, mental or emotional.


"Anna is a natural and gifted yoga teacher. She encourages her classes to develop and own our individual practice, to be curious and explore body and mind. Anna’s classes always have an amazing energy. Her knowledge about yoga is obvious, and passion for it is infectious. I have left her class feeling joyful, thoughtful, motivated, or just really limber, but always better. Last week for the first time in my life I saw colours during meditation at the end of her class – transformative stuff! I highly recommend Anna’s class whatever your level or experience." - Rebecca

"I’ve only done a handful of yoga classes before coming to Anna and to be honest they didn’t really fill me with much enthusiasm. Anna’s classes are completely different! She’s very warm and encouraging, and her classes are so accessible for beginners and the inexperienced like me. I come away from each one feeling very chilled out and it’s done wonders for my mental health as well as my overall fitness." - Jessica

"Before trying Anna’s rooftop yoga in August my experience of group and instructor lead yoga was non-existent. Her calm and encouraging approach is a perfect balance to the physical flow of the journey that she takes each class through. I love the Saturday practise - a fantastic way to cleanse mind and body of the past week and an ideal start to the weekend - all of this plus improved core strength and balance!" - Jim

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