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Yoga Events, Courses & Retreats

From nearly a decade in the performing arts - music, theatre and performance - I've got a passion for live events deep in my bones and body. I love the visceral and immediate energy of folk experiencing something together live in a space. And given the transformative qualities of the practice, of course I love throwing yoga into the mix so here's where you can find out all about periodical, special yoga events. I also love being part of and building a community, for me classes are all about the people in the room and I love to continue that energy and solidarity outside of weekly classes, through email newsletter, interacting online and by offering courses that allow for more in depth and dedicated time as a cohort. So scroll on down for on events, courses and retreats. And if you've got an idea for something live and mad and involving yoga - email me.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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