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What You Need To Know

What to expect:

For online:

I email half an hour - 15 minutes before the start of class with a reminder of the zoom link and a note of any props you might need. Don't worry I will always offer substitutes if you don't have yoga props (books make great blocks, a rolled up blanket can sub for a bolster). 

You'll need a quiet, clear space to practice in where you won't be disturbed, with internet. Ideally you will have a mat, clothes  you can move in and bare feet. You might want water. 

Join the zoom class a minimum of five minutes before start time. You can absolutely keep camera off and mic muted  if you prefer, though if you keep your camera on I will be able to offer suggestions based on what I can see you are doing.  

I will greet everyone and explain briefly what we are doing that class. 

I will then mute everyone and the practice will begin. I play music using  the share sound function during my classes. I also use a mic so I can be heard clearly.


For in person: 

Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of class starting to get settled and ready so we begin online. Bring your own mat and blocks if possible (I will have some spares for use in an emergency!)

Please wear clothes you can move in, have layers (a cosy jumper/socks) to layer up in for savasana and bring water. 

Please take a LFT before attending and do not attend if you have received a positive result or have any Covid symptoms. The windows will be open where possible in the space and 1 metre social distancing observed.

I will greet everyone as they arrive, explain what we're doing in class. I will play music using a small speaker. 

For both in person or online, please bear the following in mind: 


The practice will involve: breath work, asana flow, potential some meditation. I usually close class by giving thanks to all present. You're welcome to stay after class if there's any questions you want to ask or any poses you want clarification on. 

Yoga is for everyone but not every pose or practice will suit every body. We are all anatomically different. 


You are the expert of your body and know best what will be good for it. Consider all cues not as instructions but as invitations. If you don't want to do something, don't do it.

I aim to offer different options for different poses, to explain clearly what the pose is trying to target or achieve, and encourage the use of props. However you don't need to wait for an option - if you have an idea of what might make a pose feel better for you then go for it! Never fit yourself to an asana - fit an asana to you!


Avoid pain, or numbness. It's ok to push yourself and be near your edge but pain is a no no and you should immediately come out of a pose that is causing you pain. 

The yoga I teach is a flow which means we'll be moving quite alot. But you can rest whenever you want, take child's pose or sit, and join in again when you want to. 

If you're in a larger body, know you can make space in poses - a wider stance, open twists instead of closed ones and generally make room for your body.

If you have a disability use any props or adaptations that will best support you and you can always get in touch to ask questions about what we'll be doing and what adaptations might work.

I aim to keep my language direct and clear and easy to follow. I might occasionally use Sanskrit words to name a pose, with English translations as I want to properly honour yoga's lineage as an Indian spiritual tradition. 

Where I can, I am always happy to spend 10 - 15 minutes after class to go over anything that didn't make sense or feel good. With this online world it's hard for me to know if you're not getting it so please say. 

Know that the most advanced form of yoga is listening to your body and responding to what it needs. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people making a practice their own.

As a teacher I am working to better my offerings and make them as accessible as possible, it's a work-in-progress! The best way for me to learn is from you! 


Know that I value every bit of feedback you give, whenever you tell me something works or doesn't work, when you ask for a different adaptation - I am also learning. I want class to be a conversation. So please stay in touch!

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